In this documentation you will learn 

  • general website settings of the sytem.
  • settings fields under each tabs.


General (*) Fields  

Below is fields under the General (*) tab is explained.

Title : the title of the website.

URL : url of the website. if you used installation script during installation it auto-dedected by script. ( )

E-Mail : the email of the website, system uses to notify website administration.

Website Template : it is selectbox all installed templated is listed. 

Search Engine Status :  It is status of allowing search engines to index or not. 

Online Status : ON / OFF. if it is OFF only admin panel user who logged in can view the website. 

Logo : website logo. it can be re-uploaded. 

Logo Height : the height of logo. The form enable admin user arrange logo height.

Currency : default currrency of the system to show product price on front side and as for admin side it will be calculated entered price value according to this currency.

Website Language : the default language when a visitor first visit a website. 

Admin Language : the default language for admin panel navigation when first logged in.

Website News Category : content categories is listed in selectbox. If one of the category is selected for news, News plugin module will accept the contents that was assigned to this category as latest news.

Product Category per page : number of products that will be visible for one page on product category page (front side). Example;  6 per 1 page.

Product Category Column : number of column to show product under the product category page (front side).

Content Category per page : number of content to show per page on front page.


Screenshot 1 : Website Settings




SMTP Fields 

Under this tab smtp configration related setting fields exist. view link below for more information, it is explained in detail.

How to configure smtp setting?



Social Links

Under this tab there is a list of social media links for the website that is being used by Social Links Plugin module in order to assign a page positions.

Admin user can edit these Links fields like url, title, icon and status.



Contact Fields 

Under this tab there is website contact information such as telephone, address, company name. It is visible on the left top of Footer page (front side). 


Screenshot 2a : admin side



Screenshot 2b : Contact Information visible on the Footer.



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