Cart21 is Online Shopping Cart and Content Management System

  • Shopping Cart & CMS application,
  • Multilangual,
  • Extendable through plugins and templates,
  • Search engine friendly (SEO),
  • Responsive,
  • Open Source under the GNU General Public License, version 3.0 (GPLv3),  
  • Using CodeIgniter as PHP Framework.


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Demo v3.2.12

Admin Login Information

Email :
password : 123456

admin link

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Cart21 Features

  • E-commerce : Product management, Payment, Shipping, Stock management, MultiLangual, Email Notifications, Email Templates, Seo (Meta info,url) Smtp Settings for emailing, Newsletter, Support Management,

  • Content Management : pages ,page positions, content, content category,content type. Content and plugin's modules is assignable to any page positions(left,center,rignt, center top, center bottom, top full, bottom full).
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How to install Cart21

Requirement :

  1. PHP-MySQL supported hosting
  2. MySQL-> Database, user, password
  3. Domain or sub-domain, note: not sub-folder .....
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Manual Installation

Requirement :

  • PHP-MySQL supported hosting
  • MySQL Database, user, password
  • domain or sub-domain, note: not sub-folder .....
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