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Admin Panel > Left menu > E-COMMERCE  > Orders 

All orders listed here under this admin section. Enable admin user to view all orders, to view order detail and change order status. 


Screenshot 1 Order List 


Order Detail and Fields

Customer Customer Name who made the order.

Order ID : is a unique id for the order.

Shipping : name of shipping company while customer ordering on cart page, it was selected by customer.

Order Status : is status of the order and giving information both about payment and shipping   

Payment Method : the method of payment customer had chosen before registering the order (Paypal , CreditCard, Bank Transfer, etc.).

Bank :  if Bank Transfer was chosen as payment method then it is visible on order detail page. it is the name of the bank that customer chosen as bank account to transfer money.

Sub Total : total amount of the order excluded shipping price and tax price.

Discount : the total discount of the order.

Shipping Price: represent the cost of shipping. 

Tax: total amount for tax.

Total: total amount  of order including all calculation. In other way, it is total amount that customer had paid.

Product List :  a list of product(s) that customer added to cart to buy.

Price: the price of one product.

Piece: number of product customer want to order. 

Total: total amount for each product (piece X price)


Screenshot 2 Order Detail 



How to change order status (or shipping status)

Browse,  Admin Panel > Left menu > E-COMMERCE  > Orders  

All order will be listed from latest to oldest. under the Order Status column  there is select box for all status where admin user can change it.



what happens after changing order status ?

An order email will be send to both customer email and website administration email. 




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