First steps after installation


In this documentation you will learn 

  • how to set general settings after installation.
  • setting website languages. 
  • setting default currency.
  • uploading new logo.
  • configuring smtp settings.
  • disabling or closing default plugin that is not being used for the website.
  • deleting default contents
  • updating contact informaition
  • turning on/off Search Engine Status

How to install a plugin?


In this documentation you will learn 

  • how to install a plugin. 
  • after installation opening status of the plugin.
  • how to cahge plugin front template folder name in case of using custom template different from default template.

Is it possible to sort assigned Plugin Modules for a page?


In this documentation you will learn 

  • concept of sorting or showing order of plugins that assigned to a page positions 
  • how to sort plugin module assigned to a page


What is a plugin?


In this documentation following Objecives is explained. 

  • what is a plugin or module in cart21.
  • plugin types
  • positional or non-positional plugin
  • plugin categories

How to change Add To Cart text button?


 In this documentation editing "Add To Cart" text is explained.

How to configure smtp setting?


In this documentation you will learn 

  • which parameter is required for smtp settings
  • how to use smtp in cart21 system.
  • how to configure smtp settings.
  • how to test smtp.

What is meta in Cart21?


Meta is representation of a page (product ,product category, content, content category, static pages).

  • page title 
  • Page description 
  • Page keywords
  • page url
  • page routes (real url)
  • page type
  • page type id 


How to install new language?


In this documentation you will learn 

  • step by step how to install a new language different from default language English.
  • two ways of dealing with constant languages for new language.
  • what happens after new language installation.

How to set up Paypal?


This instruction will explain setting up paypal in cart21 shopping cart system

Manual Installation


Requirement :

  • PHP-MySQL supported hosting
  • MySQL Database, user, password
  • domain or sub-domain, note: not sub-folder .....

How to install Cart21

Requirement :

  1. PHP-MySQL supported hosting
  2. MySQL-> Database, user, password
  3. Domain or sub-domain, note: not sub-folder .....