In this Instruction Applying a Plugin and assigning to a Page Position will be explained that includes following Learnin Objectives

Appliying a Plugin

  • Downloading a Plugin. view
  • Installing a Plugin.view
  • Instaling plugin language file. view

Assigning to a Page Position

  • showing plugin module on left and center of Home page. view


In this example Latest Product V2 - Default Plugin will be applied as plugin.

At first we will close the status of the Latest Product V2 then delete it. As if it is not installed by default.

  1. Browse Admin panel > Left Menu > PLUGINS > Plugin List.
  2. find Latest Product V2 set its status as "close". (as shown screenshot 1a)
  3. check it on the left to delete. (as shown screenshot 1a)
  4. press delete button. 
  5. now it is deleted from system.
  6. folow next topic "Downloading Latest Product V2 and Language.xls on"

Screenshot 1a : Latest Product V2 plugin is Checked and its status is close



Downloading Latest Product V2 and Language.xls on

  1. visit Latest Product Plugin.
  2. download both and language.xls .( as shown screenshot 2a highlighted in red )
  3. follow next topic "installing language constant excel file (language.xls) for English "

Screenshot 2a : Latest Product V2 Plugin detail page - download tab highlighted in red.




installing language constant excel file (language.xls) for English

  1. Browse admin panel > Left menu > SETTINGS > Language.
  2. edit English.
  3. press Options tab.
  4. under Options tab, next to the Language Constant Upload  browse file  and select language.xls to upload 
  5. save.
  6. follow next topic "Installing Latest Product V2".



Installing Latest Product V2

  1. Browse  admin panel > PLUGINS > Plugin List .
  2. press install Plugin button. (as shown screenshot 3a below)
  3. installation form will be open. (as shown screenshot 3b below)
  4. and then select which you have downloaded.
  5. press upload button and wait until uploading finished.
  6. after uploading finished, as admin user you will be directed to Plugin List.
  7. follow next topic "Assigning to a Page Position".


Screenshot 3a :  Showing install Plugin button  



 Screenshot 3b :  Plugin installation form  



Assigning to a Page Position

  1. Browse  admin panel > PLUGINS > Plugin List.
  2. Open status of the Latest Product V2. if it is successful the follow next step.
  3. edit Latest Product V2. You will browse plugin edit form.
  4. press Page Position tab.
  5. under the Page Position tab, find Home static page  and then check Left and Center. (as shown on screenshot 4 below.)
  6. save and then check Home page.


Screenshot 4




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