Plugin Developer who has developed the plugins (templates,langusge,etc.)

  • have to have at least one working plugins on one default cart21 website.
  • is supposed to supply support for purchaser (customer) if any bug occurs.
  • is supposed to supply solutions in case of the plugin conflict with another plugins, customizations of plugin.

Customer who buy any of plugins (templates,langusge, etc.)

  • customer is allowed to use the plugin only for one website.
  • customer cannot resell the plugin(s).
  • if a customer needs customization of plugin, customer can require support from plugin developrers. Customization depends on plugin developer decision in terms of accepting and pricing.   

Cart21 Responsibilities and Rights

  • checking validation and consistency of the plugin.
  • recommends solution for bug and improvment (cunsultation for developers, designers) In case of developing is required.
  • to solve conflict between purchaser and publisher (plugin developers, designer).

Order Process 

Once order complete by customer and paid via paypal (PayPal Authorization & Capture)  24 hours later transaction will be made to plugin's developer, to prevent conflict between developer and customer.

Once order is complete (paid) then customer will be able to download the plugin.

Cart21 Commision or Handling fee is ten percentage of payment (% 10). Ninety percentage of payment (% 90) will be sent (or distribute) to the plugin developers.