Plugin File Structure  

in this tutorial you will learn 

  • a plugin file structure 
  • files and file restriction such as which file should be same filename as plugin_key


File name of below in red  files  should be same as plugin_key (plugin_key.php) it is obligatory because plugin system expects it to be the same

  • /admin/controllers/plugins/plugin_key.php
  • /admin/libraries/plugins/plugin_key.php
  • /front/libraries/plugins/plugin_key.php




  • plugin registration file   (/admin/controllers/plugins/plugin_key.php)
  • install / uninstall modification file   (/admin/libraries/plugins/plugin_key.php)


  • library file   (/front/libraries/plugins/plugin_key.php)
  • template .tpl file 

Posted by: Müslüm ÇEN
Date Added: 21/02/2016
Last Update: 13/08/2018

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