In this documentation you will learn 

  • default slider admin section.
  • slider fields.
  • how to upload new slide image.
  • how to delete a slider image.
  • sorting order of sliders.

Admin panel > Left Menu > PLUGINS > Slider

Default slider images is listed under this section.

In this section admin user is able 

  • to upload multiple siide at once.
  • to delete a slide.
  • to edit slide title,description,link.
  • sorting slider order by drag and drop method.


Screenshot 1 : Slider admin section.


Screenshot 2 : Slider module on main page.




Slider Fields

Below is slider field is explained. All fields is optional (not required).

Link : it is the link when a visitor press slider it will open. "Detail button"

Title : it is header title visible on slider image on front side. View screenshot 2  above "Nikon"

Description : it is a brief message to inform customer. It is optional if entered it would be visible to website visitor. 




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