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Admin Panel > Left Menu > E-commerce > Products  


Product List

admin/product in this admin section, all products listed and product search form enable to search products. (view Product List screenshot)


Product Search Form

Product search form enable admin user to search products by its categories, price range, status( active or inactive), title, link, keywords, description and language.


screenshot Product List and Search Form 



Adding new product

  1. Browse  admin/product  you will see like screenshot Product List and Search Form above.
  2. press   button after you will see emty product form to add new one.


Product Fields on Product Edit Form

 Product Form Screenshot



General (*)

Under the General (*) Tab,  Product general fields listed here.

Note :  (*) sign means required for product to select, choose or enter data


Product Type (*) : is required field and represents product type has effects on product features type. under the features tab only product features related to that product type will be listed.

Title (*) : is required field and name of the product (White Blouse).

Model : is a text and model of product. 

Product Code : is code of the product (optional)

Status : is a button on form enable you to change status of the product. if inactive it would'nt be visible on front side.

Category (*)Product Categories is listed as tree view. By checking product categories you assign the product to that category. Also One product can be assigned to multiple category. 

Shop window : the list of Shop windows that already registered in admin > Plugins > Shop Windows. it is checkbox if you want to see a product in a shop window,  you check here.

Color : is color for the product

Short Descriptions : is short description of the product visible under the shop window, prodcut category list and product detail right of the image.

Content : is detailed description of the product.

 View count :  it is visible on product list. The number of visit to the product. 


Under this tab Meta information of the product listed

Link : is product link auto-generated and drived from product title  (white-blouse-2.html). and seo friendly link. you can change as you wish.

Description : is description for meta tags and for seo or search engines.

Keywords : is keywords for meta tags and for seo or search engines.

Search Words : special words while searching within products.





Under this tab product price related fields listed

Price Status : there is 2 options for Price status. if it is choosen as Free then on front side it would not show product price.

Show as Catalog : there is 2 options for Catalog. if it is YES it would not show product price on front side. It will just giving information about the product.

Price : value of the product that is visible on front side and calculated for payment. (tax included). Answer to the question "How much is one piece of this product ?"

Stock : number of the product available on the shop.

Tax : amount of tax rate. Tax rate list comes as options. it is showing taxes resgistered under the admin section  E-COMMERCE > Tax Settings

Shipping : there is 2 options for Shipping (Yes or No). If it is YES shipping price will be calculated accordingly and also it enables admin user to know whether it requires shipping or not.

Shipping Day : approximate time or  number of day(s) that customer will receive.

Discount Type :  there is 2 options by default (rate discount or static discount). when rate discount is selected then the price will be minused as rate amount of price.

Discount : the amount of discount (rate or amount).




Under this tab all images uploaded for product listed here. It enable admin user to add,delete and set as default image.  

Images Tab screenshot





Under this tab all features of product type listed here. Example in screeshot show 2 level feature type Color > size each has unique price and stock number.

And also one of the important field in this tab is Selected Features. It is explained in detail below under screenshot.


Features Tab Screenshot



Features : name of feature for product checkable on the form. On the front side > product view page it provides options to customer to select product features like Black and small.

Price : extra price amount for this feature while customer select, it will add this amount to product price on the cart page.

Stock : number of product has this feature. Example, 14 pieces of the products which is Black and Small T-shirt.

Selected Feature : it is a feature as default feature of the product. It does not provide options to customer for selecting but it is providing information about product.

For example;  Blue > Medium is checked as Selected Feature for a T-shirt  it means the T-shirt is Blue and Medium size.

on Product view page  it looks like below 

Color : Blue

Size : Medium




Under this tab all properties registered to system listed here as checkbox. The form enable you to assign a property(s) to the product.

For example, if you added a book and want to indicate author of this book with a detailed fornt page, you check this properties here.


Screenshot properties



Under this tab all brands registered to system listed here as checkbox. 





Related Products

Under this tab, you can relate the products to the product you are editing for.






Page Positions

 Under this tab static pages and postions are listed here to show or highlight this product on a page by checkbox.




Related Plugins

Product Category Left : enable admin user to show a product categories on a page position as left menu.

Product Category Top : enable admin user to show a product categories on a page position like main menu.

Latest product V2 : enable admin user to show a limited number of Latest product on a page position.

Product Dynamic Module : enable the system making a product assignable to page postion.





Static pages for products - front side

  1. PRODUCT PAGE : it is a static page for listing all products with pagination and listing products for product categories and product search.
  2. Products :  it is a shape static page in order to show a product.


Screenshot : static pages


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