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What is Product Type 

Product Type is a way of clasifying product by its soul. It may looks like a product category but  it is different than category because it effects both product management, development, Product Features, product view templates file. It also enable plugin developers to create diffrent codes for different Product Type. You can have different .tpl file for different product type. To clarify, while for "clothing" product type image zoom is very important  but for "Hosting" product type content detail is more important to highlight


Product Type List

Under this admin section All Product Type listed. Here you can add new Product Type  or edit existing type. view screenshot below


Screenshot Product Type List



Product Type Form Fields 

 screenshot Product Type Form Fields


Title : the title of Product Type.

Status : status of the Product Type (active, inactive).

Sorthing : number for ascending order.

Description : description about this type.

Template : it is file name for product view page (product.tpl).





Product Type relation to other concepts (Product Feature Type, product view file as theme)

In default cart21 Product Type related to the product and Product Feature Type.

Admin side : On Product edit form you relate Product Type accordingly it load only Product Features related to the Product Type. 

Front side : in default cart21 front/views/templates/default/product.tpl is default template file for product view. Developer can different view file for different Product Type. 


Product Feature Hierarchy 





Why Product Type?

 it may looks like a product category but it is related both product management and development considerations and make product management easy to develop and manege.





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