In this documentation you will learn 

  • Product Category list admin section and adding, editing a product Category
  • Product Category edit form
  • Product Category tree on product form


E-commerce > Products Categories


Product Category list

All product category is listed in table view in this admin section. 


Product Category search form

 Enable admin user to to search in product category by its title, id, description, keywords and status (active or inactive).


screenshot Product Category List and Search Form


Adding new product category

  1. Browse  admin/product_category you will see like screenshot Product Category List and Search Form above.
  2. press   button after you will see emty product Category form to add new one.



Category Edit form

Category edit form enable admin user to edit and add categories. All fields is eplained below.


Title (*) :  it is a required field rpresent the name of category.

Main Category : is selectable. it is main category for the category you edit or added. In order to view a category under another category admin user selects main category for child category.

Sorting :  enable admin user to decide order of Product categories ascending.

Category image: it is not used by default. But it is available for custom template or plugin modules to utilize.

Status : if it is inactive then invisable on front side. For each language you have to activate independently.  

Content: it is short description and descriptive content for the category. Note, it is not visible on front side.


Seo or Meta: like every dynamic content in cart21, product category also is a meta type and has meta information (url, meta type, seo description, seo keywords).

Link : is auto-generated by system and drived from title as url format.

Description : is description for meta tags and for seo or search engines.

Keywords : is keywords for meta tags and for seo or search engines.


Options Tab:

Top Menu : if it is NO then the category would not be visible on Product Category Top Plugin Module. 

Left Menu : if it is NO then the category would not be visible on Product Category Left Plugin Module. 



Product Category tree on the product form

Product Categories is also visible on product edit form as tree view  to relate to the product. where also you can edit, acticate or inactivate any category.


Screenshot Product Categories as tree view

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