In this documentation you will learn 

  • what is a meta in cart21 system.
  • Top menu, Footer links, Main menu and its sorting links.
  • why a content has more than one meta in terms of language.


Admin panel > Left menu > PAGE META > All Link

All  links and metas (description, keywords, etc.) is listed in this section. Below are some attributes related to this section and its descrioptions.

Title : the title that search engine views in the meta tags

Route : the actual link that condeigniter execute.

Link : is usually automaticly created and drived from title of content (product-name.html) and it is unique for each content, etc. and must be unique.

Description : meta description of the content for search engine.

Keywords : meta keywords of the content for search engine.

Meta Type : type of a meta link or page (product,content or product category ... etc.).



Top Menu : in meta list (/admin/meta) when the meta link is set "ON" under Top Menu column, it will be visible next to Login link. 

Footer :  in meta list when the meta link is set "ON"  for Footer it will be visible on Footer center positions. Attention ! while top link is a plugin but footer link is not it is default static to Footer - center position. 

Main menu : when the meta link is set "ON" under main menu column it will be main link for Main Menu top and Main Menu left plugin that is visible on front page.

Secondly creating a main menu you first set main menu links by turning any link to "ON" or "OFF" after you will be assign any link on the link form edit.

Meta Sort : in this section you are able to sort  the link for Main Menu, Footer, Top menu links  by Drag & Drop method.

Add & Edit Page : enable you to add or edit metas 

Language : why a content has more than one meta in terms of language? because every content or product in different language has different meta also. 



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