In this documentation you will learn 

  • language admin section.
  • language form.
  • uploading language constant excel file for a language.
  • how to install(add) new language.


Admin panel > Left menu > SETTINGS > Language

In this admin section languages is listed. Admin user is able

  • to add / edit / delete a language.
  • to activate or inactivate a language.


Screenshot 1 : Language List




Language Form

Screenshots below 2a, 2b is showing Language form. 

Admin user is able 

  • to edit language name, code, flag under General(*) tab.
  • to upload and download language constant excel file under Options tab.


Screenshot 2a : Language Form General(*)



Screenshot 2b : Language Form Options





Uploading language constant excel file for a language


  1. Browse  Admin panel > Left menu > SETTINGS > Language.
  2. Edit the language you want upload exel file for.
  3. press Options tab as shown above screenshot 2b.
  4. select language .xls file then save. (view screenshot 3 )
  5. after saving the file will be uploaded and language constant will be updated or registered if it is new. 


Screenshot 2b : Language Constant  Excel file.




How to install(add) new language.

It is explained in detail in link below.

view How to install new language?



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