How to install a plugin?


In this documentation you will learn 

  • how to install a plugin. 
  • after installation opening status of the plugin.
  • how to cahge plugin front template folder name in case of using custom template different from default template.

How to install new language?


In this documentation you will learn 

  • step by step how to install a new language different from default language English.
  • two ways of dealing with constant languages for new language.
  • what happens after new language installation.

Manual Installation


Requirement :

  • PHP-MySQL supported hosting
  • MySQL Database, user, password
  • domain or sub-domain, note: not sub-folder .....

How to install Cart21

Requirement :

  1. PHP-MySQL supported hosting
  2. MySQL-> Database, user, password
  3. Domain or sub-domain, note: not sub-folder .....