In this documentation you will learn 

  • how to install a plugin. 
  • after installation opening status of the plugin.
  • how to cahge plugin front template folder name in case of using custom template different from default template.

After downloading a plugin you will have zip file such as  "" 

  1. Browse  Admin panel > PLUGINS > press install Plugin button. (as shown screenshot 1 below)
  2. you will browse installation form. (as shown screenshot 2 below)
  3.  select ""  then press upload button and wait until uploading finished.
  4. After installation you will see the Plugin on plugins list.
  5. then open status of the plugin. now it is installed.


 Screenshot 1 : Showing install Plugin button  


 Screenshot 2 :  Plugin installation form  



Note : if you use custom template please change template folder name from default to the custom_name inside plugin folder then zip the plugin and then install, otherwise you will get template engine  error that file not exist.


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Date Added: 06/12/2015
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