In this documentation you will learn 

  • which parameter is required for smtp settings
  • how to use smtp in cart21 system.
  • how to configure smtp settings.
  • how to test smtp


To Browse Smtp settings go to Admin > Left Menu > SETTINGS > Website Settings > smtp tabs

In Cart21 default after installation Use Smtp is turned OFF and default php sendmail is functioning. Without using smtp result in email to junk/spam folder while system send an email.


Smtp Settings

Use Smtp : enable admin user to turn ON / OFF . if it is turned ON you can start  to use smtp. - required 

smtp email : it is an email to send email from (  - required 

smtp host : the email server host (,, .. etc.). - required 

smtp port : the port smtp using (587 => tls, 465 => ssl, 25=>tls). - required 

smtp user : usually it is same as smtp email  (  - required 

smtp password : email password for authentication.  - required 

Sender Name : the name of sender visible to receiver who get the email. - required 




How to test smtp ?

Front Side browse contact page , there is a contact form to send admin a message. if smtp works email will be send successfuly otherwise you will get error message like SMTP connect() failed.


smtp test screenshot



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