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how to set general settings after installation

 After installing cart21, some settings should be taken into consideration before publishing website. view questions below. 

  • which language(s) are you going to publish the website?
  • which currency are you going to enter product price as value?
  • did you configure smtp setting ? while system emailing after order, contact message, newsletter from admin, each is using smtp.
  • which plugin modules you don't need for your website ? Deciding on which plugin to close its status. 



Setting language(s)

in default Cart21, English is setted as default language for both admin side and front side. (view  admin panel > left menu > SETTINGS > Website Settings )

However if you want to publish in a new language you have to configure settings for that language, visit link below it is explained in detail.

How to install new language?



Setting default currency

in default Cart21, Dollar ($) comes as default currency. if you want to change default currency for the website, visit following for more information about currency.

How to set a currency as website default currency from settings



Uploading new logo

Go  To admin panel > Left Menu > SETTINGS > Website Settings 

As shown screenshot below, you can choose the logo file image and upload. Also you can set the Logo height on the Website Settings.





Configuring smtp settings 

In Cart21 default after installation Use Smtp is turned OFF by default. Without using smtp result in email to junk/spam folder while system send an email. Configuring smtp settings is explained in detail in folowing link.

How to configure smtp setting?



Disabling or closing default plugin that is not being used for the website

Make sure all default plugin is useful for the website you are publishing in a case of not useful you can close that plugin(s). To clarify, if you don't want to use Newsletter plugin module you can disable or close that plugin from Plugin list.

to view all Plugins,  Admin panel > left menu > PLUGINS > Plugin List  



Deleting default contents

In default Cart21, some content, products and categories etc. registered for demo. After Installation and before adding new products and contents we strongly recomend you to delete existing data. Below a list of dynamic data to delete sequentially before starting to add new data.

  • Products
  • Contents  (do not delete Registration Agreement, Terms and Conditions,  instead edit these contents)
  • Product Categories
  • Content Categories
  • Features
  • Feture Types
  • Properties
  • Brands
  • sliders
  • banners

After deleting from admin, all concepts related to the product also will be deleted such as metas,images, data relations, assignment. 



Updating contact information

In default Cart21, example contact information is registered for demo view, in order to change default, view following. 

Go  To admin panel > Left Menu > SETTINGS > Website Settings > press Contact tab, you will see as image below (Company Name, Telephone, Address).



Another contact information is website email that get email notification from system (while order, contact mesage, product ask a question...). To change it view following

Go  To admin panel > Left Menu > SETTINGS > Website Settings, under the General (*) tab > E-Mail




Turning on/off Search Engine Status

what is  Search Engine Status ?  It is status of allowing search engines to index or not. If it is ON search engins will be allowed to index the website.

After all steps above you have finished and check all page meta links under  admin panel > Left Menu > PAGE META > All Links , we suggest you to open Search Engine StatusON



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