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Product Features and Feature Type

Product Features : adjective options for product. (red, blue, black, white under the color Feature Type)

Feature Type : is category for features. (size, color)



An example of product features

Screenshots below shows an example of 2 level Product Features example. 

Feature Type : Color > Size  (size is sub feature type of color)

Features : (red, blue, white, black small, X-Large, Large, Medium)


Screenshot 1:  Product view front side



Screenshot 2 : Editing product type color. it has sub feature type size.


Screenshot 3 :  admin/product_feature 



 Screenshot 4 : editing x-large size feature





Hierarchy of Product Features, Features Type, Product Type





Product Features Level (sub Feature Type)

on the feature type form you will see sub type selectable feature type. This enable admin user to create multi-level feature type.

Note: multi-level up to 4.




How to relate Product Features to a Product

  1. Once you have set features you will be able to relate to product 
  2. edit a Product  select product type under the General (*) tab and save. 
  3. on the product edit form , under the Features tab you'll see features as checkbox.
  4. check checkbox  on the left the set stock number and extra price for feature. and save.




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