In this documentation you will learn 

  • Shipping admin section.
  • add/edit/delete/sort a shipping company and set shipping price.
  • shipping company fields.
  • default shipping in cart21 shopping cart.

Admin Panel > E-COMMERCE > Shipping


Shipping admin section

Under this admin section, Shipping Settings are being managed. All shipping company is listed here. Also shipping related plugins will be managed here after plugin installation.  

admin user is able

  • to add/edit /delete a company.
  • sorting order of shipping companies on cart page.
  • to activate or inactivate a company. Therefore only active companies will be visible in cart payment page.


Screenshor 1: Shipping Company List


Shipping company fields 


Screenshor 2: Shipping Company Editing Form


Company Name : name of the shipping company enable customer to choose.

Static Price : constant amount price of shipping company,  when the company is selected by customer during shopping the amount will be the shipping price.

Status : if it is active then it would be visible on payment page or cart page.


Default shipping settings in Cart21 shopping cart

In default Cart21 Shopping Management is based on contant price for each company.


NOTE :  it is on to do list to general shipping calculation management in terms of distance and product volume.


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