Version Download Description Date
V3 Bug fix 3

order product table bug solved  prevented double row for a product

V3 Bug fix 2 stable

while order some bug order occur. solved 

V3 Bug fix 1 stable

order adres bug fixed

V3 cart21-v3.4.16 stable

____________________ CHANGE LOGS Cart21 version v3.4.16____________________
1. DB optimization
2. new default module : product_category_dynamic on category page or positional to any page
3. cookie autoload and continue shopping button link at cart page
4. keywords module as default
5. bug fixed during order re-insertion

____________________ ____________________
____________________ CHANGE LOGS Cart21 version v3.4.11 ____________________
1. cart address and order address updated (individual,corporate) new column
2. forgatten function updated
3. registered customer to customer group by default
4. admin panel settings product_list column number as select (1,2,3,4,6)
5. main_tabs, product brand logo plugin form column as select (1,2,3,4,6)
6. new banner system (title,col)
7. search top option meta page or products page (title,col)
8. security issue solved
9. popup theme as positional_content
10. category page feature_tree according to total updated
11. special code for color feature css product_list

V3 Keywords

Keywords link module for seo and now assignable to any page position

V3 Cart21 v3.2.12 stable

1. New module My Account and Login Button after login shows profile menu

2. toggle-image to css div



Cart21 v3.2.11


1. Mobile Header meta constant page

2. tab model tab_products updated

3. cart.php cart.tpl shipping compay price updated


Cart21 v3.2.10

1. language php set locale added

2. website setting default timezone added

3. banner form under options all size of a banner available 

4. newsletter updated - security bug solved token 

5. CI smtp mail in function "SendMailWithSMTP" and $attach_url file url(s) added to the function

6. cart.php decrease bug solved and $cart_control used after post validation to prevent failed order to redirect order.

7. rate_price, format_price updated

8. dashboarg plugin management

9. banner same for all lanaguage option


Cart21 v3.2.01

1. dynamic column on meta_type only affect admin and

2. meta tables status of link new column 

3. dbg helper new function isset_not_empty()

4. product category sub categories over products and where work updated

5. currency sort_order

6. banner image same as for all language

7. positional content same for all lanaguage option


Cart21 v3.2.00

_________ CHANGE LOGS __________

1. Free shipping over X price  " alter table `settings_options` add free_shipping int default '0' "

2. hook setting option currency session bug front admin solved


Cart21 v3.1.04

_______________ CHANGE LOGS  _________________ 

1. new rss plugin as default

2. new css brand list and brands plugin updated

3. banner form admin updated

4. admin and front email_template currency bug fixed , new column currency_set added

5. $this->data["language_id"]=$meta["language_id"]; added to quick front library to get url language_id 


Cart21 v3.1.03

____________________ CHANGE LOGS ____________________

1. admin product_form  tabs category and images removed 

2. meta type title

3. meta model update and insert functions  updated ! 


Cart21 v3.1.0

Codeigniter v3.1.6


PHP Last Compatible: php 7.1.10


Cart21 v3.0.0

Codeigniter v2 


PHP Last Compatiblity : php 5.6

V2 Cart21 v2.1.6 - Updated stable

updated for php5.6

V2 Latest product V2 Deprecated

This plugin is a default plugin and positional after assigning a page position you will see limited number of latest products. The number of limit parameter is by default 6 and can be set any number on the plugin edit form. The plugin has 2 templates file example one for right and left while the other is for center especially and others. 

V2 cart21 v2.1.1 Deprecated

product ; date_added, last_update, view count, shipping day added

admin order section updated

new static_page fuction in idex controller for adding static pages.

product,content search code developed

bug : shop windows product order while editing a product -  bug solved 

banner display options is added.(height, space, display).

admin panel navigation updated

V2 cart21 v2.1.0 Deprecated

admin panel 

  • new admin group list 
  • product type added to product form to manage product feature
  • new feature type and feature list  product form
  • product stock  and feature stock 
  • uploding logo and seti custom logo height  from website settings
  • country and city management list


  • country and city management list
  • stock decrease after order  
  • product list  css updated
  • newsletter module front and admin updated.
  • new responsive css box style 
  • new country and city list editable for each language
V2 cart_top Deprecated

it is Static Plugin module represents cart on Header page on the demo 

V2 content_category Deprecated

it is Static Plugin module that enable you to show the website's content category as a menu for page positions

V2 content_module Deprecated

it is Dynamic Plugin module enable you to show added content to any of page positions. 

V2 default_banner Deprecated

it is a kind of  Dynamic Plugin module  that enable you to show (assigning to a page position) the banner uploaded by admin user. 

V2 language_flag Deprecated

it is a Static Plugin module enable you to show language flag on Header page position

V2 latest_content Deprecated

plugin enable you to show a limited number of latest content on the page positions, limit can be set on the plugin edit form 

V2 link_top Deprecated

it is a Static Plugin module enable you to show links that assigned as top menu. on cart21 demo website it shown or assigned to Header page

V2 main_menu_left Deprecated 14-10-2015
V2 main_menu_top Deprecated 14-10-2015
V2 main_news Deprecated 14-10-2015
V2 brands Deprecated 14-10-2015
V2 slider Deprecated 14-10-2015
V2 Shop window Deprecated 14-10-2015
V2 product_category Deprecated

plugin enable you to show  "product categories" as a menu on the website  especially for left position and right position. 

V2 product_category_top Deprecated

plugin enable you to show  "product categories" as menu on website page especially for left position and right position. 

V2 Search Top Deprecated

plugin designed for header enable you to show on header or not

V2 cart21 Deprecated

Page position for  static pages

plugin assignable to the position. Plugin

a plugin content can be shown on the different pages.


admin product add/edit form -> category tree view

smtp setting is optional

dashboard  smtp status added

plugin installation updated

V2 Turkish Deprecated

Türkçe dil dosyası


  1. admin/language git
  2. türkçe edit -> options -> Excel upload -> save  
V1 Cart21 Deprecated
  • product can be assigned to main tabs in product edit form 
  • maintabs add,delete bugs solved. 
  • all product page link bug solved
  • meta list updated
  • product model and uniqude fields added
  • plugin type added
V1 Cart21 Deprecated
  • image upload folder created by date 
  • admin plugin controller updated
  • meta routes added
  • meta to excel upload, download functionality 
  • category count bug solved
  • How to install cart21 ?