This tutorial explains how to develop a plugin step by step. by an example.  

Step 1 - Plugin file Structure

in this tutorial you will learn  

  • a plugin file structure 
  • files and file restriction such as which file should be same filename as plugin_key

Step 2 - Plugin database registration

in this tutorial you will learn 

  • inserting plugin information into database and plugin information.
  • inserting or registering plugin's section if needed.
  • inserting meta link information if the plugin has meta link for front pages.
  • creating table for the plugin if plugin extends existing cart21. 

Step 3 - admin install/uninstall file modification

in this tutorial you will learn 

  • how to change/modify a existin codes.
  • which file make modifications for existing code or files for each plugin.
  • modification array
  • modification types (after, before, replace).
  • modification examples
  • when modification happens actually during installation or opening (activating) status.

Step 4 - front library file

in this tutorial you will learn 

  • plugin's library file role as controller 
  • how to load model, library ..
  • how to prepare plugin param for template file to use if plugin has parameter (width,height limit).
  • how to set website settings for plugin template if needed.
  • how to load constant languages for plugin's tpl template file
  • index function that returns smarty fetch html data

Step 5 - front template .tpl file

In this tutorial you will learn

  • to shows data processed in plugin library fiile as controller  using html 
  • it is a smarty template engine file


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