In this documentation you will learn 

  • country list for the system to use.
  • country fields.
  • considering country language.
  • how to change order of country that is listed in front side.


Admin panel > Left menu > SETTINGS > Country 

All countries that is used for custmer order,shipping,etc. is listed under this admin section.


Screenshot 1 : Country List. 


Country fields

Below is a screeshot that is showing an example of country edit form (code,name, full name as name2, iso3, Number, sorting,continent).  


Screenshot 2 : Country editing form. 



Considering country language

In default Cart21, All country is registered in English but if you decided to publish the website in another language, after activating the language country edit form will be open for that language that means you have to edit each country for the custom language.



How to change order of country that is listed in front side


  1. Admin panel > Left menu > SETTINGS > Country.
  2. edit the country you want to edit its order 
  3. sorting field is the order number of country in ascending order. (0,10,20,etc.)


Screenshot : Country list on cart static page. 


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