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 Admin panel > Left menu > CMS > content


Content list

Under this section all contents is listed. Content is a media message including text, images, video, etc.

Admin user is able 

  • to view all contents as a list.
  • to search contenets by its keywords, categories, languages, link, status. 


Screenshot 1a : Content List



Screenshot 1b : Front side Contents




Content Form Fields 

Below each field for content is explained.

Screenshot 2 : admin panel content form



Title :  the title of content.

Staus : status of the content (active or inactive) if it is inactive  the content would not be visible on front side.

Short Description : brief explanation of content. it visible on front side on contens and content category static pages.

Content : detail of the content.

Related Content : the ids of related contents 21,22,23....

Example : below bold number is the id of related content.




Under this tab Meta information of the content is editable.

Link : is content link auto-generated and drived from content title  (product-description.html). and seo friendly link. you can change as you wish.

Description : is description for meta tags and for seo or search engines.

Keywords : is keywords for meta tags and for seo or search engines.



Content type : it is the type of content. In default Cart21, it is only default.

Category : it is category of content to clasify the content. Content Categories registered to the sytem is listed as checkbox.


Page Position

Under this tab static pages and postions are listed here to show or highlight this product on a page by checkbox.

show as detail  :  two option yes or no.  if it is  yes the it will show the content and title fields otherwise short description.  




Static Pages for contents - front side 

  1. Content Search / content_search.html : it the static page when front user search contents , matched contents is listed under this page.
  2. Content view : it is a shape static page in order to show a content.
  3. CONTENT : by default it is on top links. it is page for listing all contents and listing contents for content categories.


Screenshot 3 : static pages




Related Plugins

Content Category : showing "content categories" on page postion by its ordering.
Content Dynamic Module : enable the system making a content assignable to page postion.
Latest Content : showing limited number of latest contents



How to assign a content on page position

Edit any content > under the Page Postion tab you can assign to any page postions.




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