In this documentation you will learn 

  • content category.
  • content category form fields.
  • related plugin(s) 
  • sorting categories


Admin panel > Left menu > CMS > content

Content Category

Content Category is a way to clasify contents. Under this admin section, all Content Categories is listed and admin users are able 

  • to edit / add / delete a content category.
  • activate or inactivate status of a category.


Content Category Form Fields

General (*)

Title :  title of the category. (required)

Status : status of the content category (active or inactive). if it is inactive the category would not be visible on front side.

Main Category : main category for the editing category. The category itself is also in the list of category in red color.

Sorting :  integer value to indicate order of the category in ascending order (10 , 20, 30, ....) .



Under this tab Meta information of the content category is editable.

Link : is content category link auto-generated and drived from content category title  (content-category-title.html). and seo friendly link. you can change as you wish.

Description : is description for meta tags and for seo or search engines.

Keywords : is keywords for meta tags and for seo or search engines.




Related Plugin

Content Category : showing "content categories" on page postion by its ordering.



Sorting Categories

Edit any Content Category > under General(*)  > sorting field is the value of order in ascending categories.

  • on front side content category plugin showing content categories in ascending order.
  • admin side content edit form > category tab > is showing in ascending order.


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