In this documentation you will learn 

  • default banner plugin.
  • banner fields.
  • how to add/edit/delete new banner image.
  • considering banner in terms of language.
  • assigning a page position.


Admin panel > Left Menu > PLUGINS > Banner

It is an admin section and all Banners uploaded is listed under this admin section.

Admin user is able 

  • to add /edit / delete a banner for each language.
  • assign a page position.


Screenshot 1 : Banner List.





Screenshot 1 : Banner upload Form example.




Considering banner in terms of language

in terms of language banner image should be uploaded for a banner for each language separately. It is better for images containing text messages.



Assigning a page position


  1. Browse admin panel > Left Menu > PLUGINS > Banner.
  2. edit the banner you want to assign a page position.
  3. and then press page position tab.
  4. you'll see all static pages with its positions. and then check the page postion(left,right,center,etc.) you want to assign.
  5. save and check.

Note : Banner Plugin status should be open in order to assign and view on a page position.

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