In this documentation you will learn 

  • what is an admin user.
  • admin user list.
  • admin user fields.


Admin panel > Left menu > SETTINGS > Admin

Admin user is user that has login information to access admin panel in order to manage content, product, images, categories, etc.


Admin user list

Admin panel > Left menu > SETTINGS > Admin

In this admin section, all admin users is listed. An admin user is able

  • to add / edit /delete an admin user.
  • to change admin user login password.
  • to change user permission by modifying its user group.
  • to search an admin user by its email, firstname, lastname, status, admin group,etc.


Screenshot 1 : Admin list



Admin user fields

Firstname : firstname of admin user

Lastname : lastname of admin user.

E-mail : admin user's email address. It is required while logging to admin panel.

Telephoneadmin user's telephone number.

country :  admin user's country.

Birthdayadmin user's bith date.

status : status of admin user (active or inactive).

Admin Groups : all admin groups is listed as checkbox to indicate user group for current user. Also the user is granted by its user group because it inherits user group permission.

Password : it is the password required while user trying to log in admin panel. 


Screenshot 1 : Admin user fields

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