In this instruction Adding Static Page and assigning a Plugin Module to that Static Page is explained step by step.


  1. Browse admin panel > Left menu > PAGE META > All Link.
  2. press add new button.
  3. enter each form field as shown screenshot below.
  4. Route field should be "index/page"
  5. visit

previous steps explain adding a static page. Next steps is assigning a plugin module like Latest Products.

  1. Browse  admin panel > Left menu > PLUGINS >Plugin List.
  2. edit Latest Product.
  3. press Page Position tab.
  4. find Example static page and then assign to a position under this static page.
  5. save and visit the page


Screenshot 1 : adding example.

Posted by: Müslüm ÇEN
Date Added: 06/12/2015
Last Update: 13/08/2018

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